Mini DSLR Baseplate

This smaller version of Zacuto DSLR Baseplate has a low profile and a port to attach a rod on the underside of the plate.
Výrobce: Zacuto
Dostupnost: Není skladem - (je u dodavatele) a bude odeslána, jakmile bude na skladě.
Kód výrobce:: Z-M-DSLRB
8 651,50 Kč s DPH
The Mini DSLR Baseplate was designed in tandem with and includes the Gorilla Plate V2. The Gorilla Plate V2 acts as the quick release to take your camera off the main section of the Mini DSLR Baseplate. It attaches to your camera with a single ¼ 20 screw. It quick releases from the main section of the Mini DSLR Baseplate via the red quick release ratcheting lever. The quick release plate and base connect via a 15mm port and a locking pin for a sturdy connection.

The Mini DSLR Baseplate includes a pair of 4.5” female/female 15mm diameter lightweight spaced rods that slide into the front of the plate and are clamped in place with an Allen screw. Move these rods up and down to accommodate your accessories, such as a matte box, via two Allen screws at the front of the unit. These rods are threaded to accept male rod extensions for longer lenses and other accessories.

The Mini DSLR Baseplate has two lightweight spaced threaded rod ports at the back of the unit. Add any length male/female rods to support a shoulder pad or Zwiss Plate (cheeseplate) for your batteries and other accessories. A 15mm female rod port (tightened with an Allen) can be found at the left side of the Mini DSLR Baseplate to attach an EVF Standard Mount or Zamerican articulating arm to hold an EVF Pro or other accessory. A 15mm rod port, which tightens with a red quick release ratcheting lever, can also be found on the underside of the unit. You can use this port to attach a handle or to put the full Mini DSLR Baseplate with rails on your Run’n’Gun Gorilla rigs– eg. Marauder or Enforcer.

The Mini DSLR Baseplate has a single 3/8 16 and two ¼ 20 screw holes underneath to attach to your tripod, monopod, etc..

Looking for a basic docking station for your Gorilla Plate V2 and don't need rods? check out the Gorilla Tripod Dock.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mini DSLR Baseplate is only compatible with standard small body DSLRs like the Canon 5D M2/M3, T2i/3i/4i, 7D, 6D, Nikon D800, D3000, and Panasonic GH3. It is not ideal when a battery grip is in place or on tall body cameras like the Nikon D3s or Canon 1Dc/x because the rods may not be able to get in the proper position for centering a matte box. For those cameras, we recommend Zacuto standard DSLR Baseplate.

Mini DSLR Baseplate from Zacuto on Vimeo.