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3D Mic Pro

Mitra Corp. designed 3D Mic Pro, an immersive sound imaging microphone which uses patent pending technology to capture breathtaking binaural like immersive sound in any sound recorder or video camera equipped with Mic/Line/XLR socket. The recorded immersive sound can be played back in any audio video system through a pair of closely placed speakers or by headphones or ear-buds. 3D Mic Pro brings...
26 486,90 Kč s DPH

MXL FR-500WK Professional Portable Wireless Audio System

The MXL FR-500WK microphone set is a professional portable wireless audio system design for on-set field work.
11 616,00 Kč s DPH

MXL-FR-400 Boundary Microphone

Although it's commonly used in front of a stage to pickup concerts or theater events, the FR-400M boundary mic has a wide cardioid pattern and can be used in other applications like under the lid of a piano.
5 500,36 Kč s DPH

MXL-FR-402 Boundary Microphone

The MXL FR-402 is a multipurpose boundary mic with a wide pattern and low profile.
3 080,20 Kč s DPH

MXL-FR-401 boundary mikrofon

MXL FR401 boundary mikrofon, trojitá membrána, zabudovaný 4,5m XLR kabel
2 857,99 Kč s DPH

3D Mic Grey Fox Windshield

Windshield for 3D Mic Pro Microphones. The Grey Fox windshield is optimized for minimizing wind noise in high wind conditions while remaining acoustically transparent. It has special long hair polyester fiber which dramatically attenuates the wind noise for a clean recording.
2 128,12 Kč s DPH


Minijack to XLR Adaptor
220,00 Kč s DPH