Sony FS7 Recoil

Next Generation Recoil rig for the Sony FS7.
Výrobce: Zacuto
Dostupnost: Není skladem - (je u dodavatele) a bude odeslána, jakmile bude na skladě.
Kód výrobce:: Z-S7R
31 200,00 Kč bez DPH
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Next Generation Interactive Brochure

We believe Recoil rigs are the future, and we want you to adopt the Recoil philosophy with a Gratical HD EVF! To highlight the perfect partnership between the Gratical HD electronic viewfinder and Next Generation Recoil rigs, we are offering unprecedented bundle savings. Add a Gratical to complete your rig above & save $350.

The Sony FS7 Recoil shoulder-mounted rig includes Zacuto VCT Universal baseplate, the Rosette Minimount for the Sony FS7 handgrip, and Zacuto Axis Mini for Sony FS7 which can be used with either the Gratical HD or the Sony monitor. It is compatible with the Sony FS7.

This is a Next Generation Recoil rig designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is where the lens meets the camera body. In a Recoil rig, the balance point needs to be directly over your shoulder which puts the camera behind you. This requires focus, monitoring and camera controls to be relocated forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig.

VCT Universal – this baseplate has a built-in, curved shoulder pad, a v-wedge tripod connector (with ¼” 20 and ⅜" 16 screw option), removable, extendable 6.5” iris rods and rows of ¼” 20 screw holes along the sides for accessories. The recessed rod mount offers maximum accessory capable space under your camera lens.
Rosette Minimount - Slides on to 15mm lightweight rods at the front of your kit to relocate the FS7 handgrip for use in a Recoil set up.
Axis Mini for Sony FS7 - Attaches to the 15mm rod on the Sony FS7 Top Handle to mount either a rosette mounted EVF like the Gratical HD or the Sony monitor itself. Adjustable positioning for shoulder mounted shooting or tripod shooting.

Recommended Accessories
Gratical HD
Z-Drive follow focus with Tornado
VCT Tripod Plate

Zacuto products are proudly made in the USA and non-electronic products have a lifetime warranty.

How To: Build & Assemble the Sony FS7 Recoil from Zacuto from Zacuto on Vimeo.

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