Switronix GP-H56P

On-Camera 7-17v LED Light. w/Panasonic CGR Mount, Ptap cable for 12-17v operation, 5600k color temp, 860 lux @ 1m
Výrobce: Switronix
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Kód výrobce:: GP-H56P
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The GP-H56p 85 Watt Dimmable LED fixture for the Panasonic CGR Series Batteries is an ultra-lightweight on-camera light designed for both DV/HDV and industrial operation. The GP-H56p utilizes SMD LED light technology, drawing 16 watts while outputting the equivalent of 85 watts of daylight balanced, 5600K deg light.

The light comes standard with both 1/4"-20 thread and shoe mount.
The light has a built in sled to accept Panasonic CGR series batteries, running up to 4 hours from one large capacity battery.
Includes Frosted and CTO Pop-In Gels, and Focusing Lens to convert beam from 115degree to 45degree


Draws 16 Watts @ 12VDC
Equivalent Light Output: 100 Watts
Color Temperature: 5600k, Daylight Balanced
Size: 5.0" (W) X 2.5" (H) X 5.0" (D)
Weight: 0.6 lbs.
Battery Type Sled: Panasonic CGR Series Batteries (DVX100 DVX100A DVX100B Hvx200, AG-AF100 Camcorders)
External Power Input: 11VDC To 18VDC Via Power Tap
Mounting: 1/4"-20 Threaded Screw Or Via Hotshoe
Light Is On A Movable Arm With 2 Pivot Points, For Maximum Flexibility
Illuminance: 3050Lux/1m(W/condenser lens,Equivalent to 150W halogen bulb)  1800Lux/1m(W/O conderser lens).

Beam angle: 110º(W/O conderser lens) 55º(W/ conderser lens)


Part #: GP-H56P

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