Switronix XC-2LAD

DIGITAL Two Position Simultaneous 3-Stud Charger with 70w Camera Power Supply, 6' XLR cable, and Multifunction LCD
Výrobce: Switronix
Dostupnost: Není skladem - (je u dodavatele) a bude odeslána, jakmile bude na skladě.
Kód výrobce:: XC-2LAD
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Two position, Simultaneous charger, MultiChemistry(NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion) and includes a 70w 12vdc Camera Power Supply.

Includes an integrated backlit, multifunction LCD which displays battery charge status, battery type, serial number, charge current, chemistry, present temperature, and voltage. It also displays charge/discharge cycle count, battery capacity, and date of manufacturing.
Newly designed aluminum chassis provides a lower profile, sleeker look, with a recessed under-chassis carry handle allows for easy transport.

Automatically addresses all chemistry types while being able to completely charge batteries 25% faster than the GP model.

The XC model is programmed with all the charge routines including the maintenance programs,
Will Charge MANY 3-Stud Mount batteries from other manufacturers. *Please contact for compatibility questions.


Quick Charge Current: 2.0A
Size: 9.7" x 2" x 7.7"
Weight: 3.3lbs.
Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz
DC Camera PS Output: DC16v, 70w


Part #: XC-2LAD

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