Target Shooter for Canon C100-C300-C500

Target Shooter for Canon C100-C300-C500 is designed for lightweight run’n’gun shooting stabilization.
Výrobce: Zacuto
Dostupnost: Není skladem - (je u dodavatele) a bude odeslána, jakmile bude na skladě.
Kód výrobce:: Z-CTS
13 650,00 Kč bez DPH
This Target Shooter kit is Zacuto most basic rig designed for the following cameras: Canon C100/300/500, RED Scarlet and Epic, and the Sony FS100 and FS700. It is designed for lightweight run’n’gun shooting stabilization. The Target Shooter features our Gorilla Baseplate which attaches to your camera using 3/8” 16 and ¼” 20 screws. The Gorilla Baseplate also features a set of 15mm lightweight threaded holes in the front of the baseplate for use with Zacuto rods. This gives the added benefit of allowing users to mount a follow focus, lens support or other accessories in front of the camera. The rod to lens height is not standard and requires a height adjustable matte box*.

The Gorilla Baseplate has a 15mm hole in the bottom in order to attach the main vertical rod for the Target Shooter Gunstock. The rig can be freed from the Gorilla Baseplate by flipping the red lever on the side of the plate. A tripod plate can be installed under the Gorilla Baseplate for quickly moving from handheld to tripod. The Target Shooter features the Zacuto Gunstock. To use, simply brace the Gunstock against your shoulder to stabilize your shot. This kit has minimal set up time and is very light and simple. This rig works best when using the eyepiece on your camera.

*The Gorilla Baseplate has a non-standard rod to lens height, only some adjustable matte boxes will work. The standard is 85mm. The lens of the Scarlet/Epic to center of 15mm rods on the Baseplate is 106mm. The lens of the C300 to center of 15mm rods is 88mm. All lightweight spaced, rod mounted follow focuses should be compatible.

Canon C100/300/500 Target Shooter from Zacuto on Vimeo.

Target Shooter for C300, Scarlet & Epic Cameras from Zacuto on Vimeo.