V-R102DP-2SDI Dual 10.4' LCD Rack Mount Panel with 2 SDI Inputs per panel

The V-R102DP-2SDI features an award winning TFT-MegaPixel system and is a cost effective solution for many broadcast and professional video applications.
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Kód výrobce:: V-R102DP-2SDI
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Ready to rack mount in 5RU, this cost effective model provides up to 20% more screen when compared to our competitors' LCD and CRT models that occupy the same space. This is in addition to the benefits of low weight and power consumption when compared to similar CRT products. Furthermore, inputs are provided for 2 SDI (Serial Digital Interface), sources on each of the screens. Hyper Process for motion compensation is employed to provide smooth motion of interlace images. All screen formats are scaled to fit on screen in the highest resolution using a proprietary program and state of the art LSI with CRT Color Match conversion to emulate SMPTE-C phosphor of a CRT.