Zicro mini

Zicro mini je podobné jako Zacuto Zicromount a Zacuto Zicromount III až na to, že je daleko tenčí. Zicro mini byl speciálně vytvořen pro Zacuto EVF.
Výrobce: Zacuto
Dostupnost: Není skladem - (je u dodavatele) a bude odeslána, jakmile bude na skladě.
Kód výrobce:: Z-ZCM
1 300,00 Kč bez DPH
The Zicro Mini was made specifically for the Zacuto EVF. It is included in the EVF Standard Mount, EVF Rod Mount and EVF Tri-Mount Kit. The Zicro Mini is a universal quick release mount that allows you to attach anything with a ¼” 20 screw hole to a 15mm rod. This includes Zacuto’s articulating arm series, the Zamerican Arms. The Zicro Mini is only recommended for smaller lightweight devices such as an EVF or LED light. It is not recommended for larger (6”+) monitors. For larger monitors, we recommend the Zicromount 3.

Zacuto Zamerican Arms and Accessories from Zacuto on Vimeo.