Saskia become a distributor of Mitra. Welcome to the world of perfect microphones, to the world of perfect sound. Enjoy it with us and watch promotional video on our web site. It is really impressive.

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3D Mic Pro

Mitra Corp. designed 3D Mic Pro, an immersive sound imaging microphone which uses patent pending technology to capture breathtaking binaural like immersive sound in any sound recorder or video camera equipped with Mic/Line/XLR socket. The recorded immersive sound can be played back in any audio video system through a pair of closely placed speakers or by headphones or ear-buds. 3D Mic Pro brings...
26 486,90 Kč s DPH

3D Mic Indie

3D Mic Indie is designed to offer exceptional value and affordability for any DSLR filmmakers. It has exact same immersive sound engine as 3D Mic Pro, so it will capture same breathtaking true-to-life immersive sound in a DSLR or a sound recorder. The only way it differs from the big brother 3D Mic Pro is in its audio connectivity. 3D Mic Indie offers only phono socket to connect it with any DSLR, video camera or audio recorder. The recorded immersive sound can be played back in any audio video system through...
18 500,90 Kč s DPH

3D Mic Boom Pole

The 3D Mic Boom Pole is a precision balanced light weight professional boom pole machined from high grade aluminum and finished with black anodized coating. It is also equipped with soft non-slip hand grip for prolonged fatigue free field use. The 3D Mic Boom Pole is fitted with 1/4" and 3/8" screw lug so you can mount any microphone to it. It has screwed on bottom cap with mic wire hole, so that you can easily thread a mic cable through the pole. This light and strong boom pole securely carries the load of 3D Mic Pro without any creeping or creaking.
5 323,73 Kč s DPH

3D Mic Grey Fox Windshield

Windshield for 3D Mic Pro Microphones. The Grey Fox windshield is optimized for minimizing wind noise in high wind conditions while remaining acoustically transparent. It has special long hair polyester fiber which dramatically attenuates the wind noise for a clean recording.
2 128,12 Kč s DPH

3D Mic Pro Shock Mount

Professional quality aluminum shock mount for 3D Mic Pro. It can also be used with any Microphone of diameter between 58mm to 63 mm. The Shock mount comes with 1/4" screw adapter so it can be attached with any type of microphone, light or camera stand and boom poles.
1 331,00 Kč s DPH